2017.07.11 UP

Today’s Oita Speaks was a special occassion not only because I enjoy seeing young Japanese students tell the stories of their lives, hopes, and dreams but also because it was Father’s Day.
As I said during my opening statement, Father’s Day is an important celebration of the men who raised us and continue to pass on the things that make it possible for us to be parents.
So this Oita Speaks was important because it reminded me of the sacrifices and responsibilities my father gave for me and always taught me what it is to be a man.
The students of Oita Speaks also gave me many things to ponder, such as becoming a police officer, striving for peace, or even being a leader in the social media age.
What I most took away from Oita Speaks Vol. 4 is that there are always those who want to strive to be better.
Prior participants are always trying to be better with not only their speaking skills, but their attitude, manner, and determination with learning English.
We hope to continue to have new and interesting ways to challenge our participants and the continuation of Oita Speaks as a platform where young Oita residents can grow and share their opinions of the world we live in.
Thank you